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MALTA FILM TOURS is brought to you by Malcolm & Elizabeth Ellul, two local actors who have between them worked in/on over 100 productions including Gladiator, Troy, Munich, Game of Thrones, By the Sea, WWZ, Risen, Sinbad, The Cut, Roman Mysteries, Eichmann, U-900, Adrift, When Pigs have Wings, Simshar, All Inclusive, The Amazing Race, European Film Awards, Carabinieri, The Adventurers, Savage Shores, Rex, Varos, Saul, Sei Passi Nel Giallo, Clouds over the hill, Rox vs Mega Mindy, The Promise, The Last Planet, Cutthroat Island, Pirate Pete, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar, What we did on our holiday, Come un Delfino, Largo Winch, The Da Vinci Code, Pater Castell, 247, Kryminalni, Harbour of Hope, Man of East, 13 Hours, You, Me and the Apocalypse, The Renegades, Thugs of Hindostan, Paul, Murder on the Orient Express, The Mercy, The Long Walk, Immediate Boarding, Project Icon, Just Noise, The Dovekeepers, The Devil's Double, Queen of the South, Das Boot, Napoleon, Agora, Entebbe, Jurassic World, The Obscure Life of The Grand Duke of Corsica and Assassin's Creed.


As your hosts, they will be joining you on your excursion to share with you anecdotes about your favourite actors and behind-the-scenes secrets.


MALTA FILM TOURS is licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority and offers the services of licensed tour guides.                                    

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